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Business Resilience & Continuity Planning, 12-13 August 2009, Istana Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



 “A business continuity planner is more powerful than all the king's horses and all the king's men, because with a plan in place we "can" put Humpty Dumpty back together again!”
Doug Rezner






In today's business environment, business resilience and continuity planning are of course essential and unavoidable. As we can see, from the current A (H1N1) flu, SARS, avian flu, typhoons, earthquakes, tsunami and flash floods to corporate governance failures (Enron and WorldCom) are just few examples of crisis or disasters that could disrupt businesses anytime.  Thus, it’s crucial to understand the underlying risks and the potential impacts of disaster to maintain continuous business operations and enable growth.


With all these challenges in mind, Asia Business Forum is pleased to present this 2-day conference on Business Resilience & Continuity Planning that will help you to better prepare your organisation in these turbulent times to navigate the road to resilience with practical ways and useful ideas. This conference will help you understand how standards can improve your business continuity processes despite the current economic climate, and provide you with vital best practices, case examples, common pitfalls and recent trends.






Assessing capabilities to weather the storm

Current revenue pillar sustainability

Essential ingredients of good management system for BCM

New trends and current status of BCM in Asia Pacific

Career path and certification for BCM

Maximising customer equity in tough times

Key considerations when developing an effective and sustainable BCM plan to recovers from a crisis

Purpose, scope and importance of BCM

Downsizing and rightsizing in times of worldwide economy downturn

MS1970: Using the Malaysian Standards to develop and implement business continuity plans


Roles of SLA in BCM

And many more…





Join us at this conference to learn about best practices in conducting business resilience & continuity planning analysis, managing risks and developing continuity plans.




 Take advantage of the early bird and group discount to attend this timely Conference to learn the key issues involving Business Resilience & Continuity Planning!



Don’t miss out this conference and you will learn so much more on other important topics.


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