BPO Services Association [Philippines]

Membership (For Philippine-based Providers Only)

Thank you for your interest in joining the BPO Services Association. We accept applications all year round.

All duly registered Enterprises, Partnerships and Corporations engaged in BPO in the Philippines are eligible to apply. There is no restriction on Capitalization, Staff Size, Location, or Years in Operation. Membership Fee is dependent on capitalization and/or size. As an initial step towards membership, please provide all requested information below.


Business Name
Physical Address/ Location
Web Site
BPO Category
Contact Person
Contact No.  
Please provide a description of your current operations including number of seats, number of staff, type of clients and services
Please state any memberships, accreditations, affiliations and awards/citations if any. Please indicate if you can provide a positive feedback from your clients.
What is the form of ownership?  

To receive accreditation, BSA/U will visit your site and ask for references in order to assess your level of competency in your BPO categories. Are you willing to comply with this requirement?

(Please explain below)
(Please explain below)
Remarks / Comments

The Annual Membership dues are as follows:

MICRO ENTERPRISE - Capitalized Below P 1,000,000 and/OR has below 20 seats PhP 5,000.00 (USD 100.00)
SMALL ENTERPRISE - Capitalized Above P 1,000,000 but below P 3,000,000 and/or has up to 40 seats  PhP 7,500.00 (USD 150.00)
MEDIUM ENTERPRISE - Capitalized Above P 3,000,000 but below P 10,000,000 and/or has up to 100 seats PhP 10,000.00 (USD 200)
FULL ENTERPRISE - Capitalized Over P 10,000,000  and/or has over 100 seats PhP 25,000.00 (USD 500)
Flat Rated. Must comply with authentication requirements in lieu of on-site USD 750.00
Flat Rated. Must comply with accreditation requirements PhP 25,000.00 (USD 500) 

BPO providers are rated based om several criterias including
1. Reliability of Physical facilities
2. Established work methodology that is generally used by existing and new staff alike
3. Roadmap for growth in terms of technical, management and financial capabilities
4. Known performance


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